Prater Industries, a particle size reduction, separation, and feeding and metering equipment manufacturing company based in Bolingbrook, IL, announces the acquisition of International Process Equipment Company (IPEC). IPEC has been providing pulverizing equipment and material testing services all over the world for over 30 years.  

IPEC was established in 1984 by Ronald Miller to provide the highest-quality comprehensive line of Rotormill Pulverizers (Rotormills) and Rotormill Spin Flash Dryers (Rotordryers) in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. The Prater team is privileged to continue the IPEC team’s excellent work, relationships, and reputation. 

The acquisition of the company and its product lines allows Prater Industries to build on the IPEC legacy and reach a broader range of industries and applications.

"The acquisition of IPEC, and the associated Rotormill and Rotordryer product lines, allows us to enhance the ability to provide process solutions that feed, nurture, and house people all over the world," says Pete Hinzy, Prater Vice President and General Manager. "These products will increase our capacity to support customers that need to process (1) very abrasive materials (i.e., minerals, clays, e-scrap, biochar, hulls, shells, skins, ceramics), (2) higher fat / higher oil materials such as spices, oats, and cocoa, and (3) plant-based protein material at low temperatures and high rates (a process called Dry-Fractionation), as well as flash drying and grinding of slurries."

The IPEC Rotormill applies the “Long Gap Mill” operating concept because of the long annular gap path the process material takes from the inlet to the discharge. The grinding and milling occur from particle-on-particle collisions due to the extreme turbulence within the mill. Combining several operations such as flash drying, de-agglomeration, and surface coating into one operation, a Long Gap Mill eliminates the need for multiple material handling systems which subsequently increases process efficiencies. 

Rotormill and Rotordryer systems are ideal for processes in need of continuous fine milling at high production rates, simultaneous drying and milling of high moisture materials, simultaneous mixing or coating during milling, and fiber fluffing.

In addition to continuing to manufacture IPEC’s product lines, Prater Industries offers a wide range of equipment for particle size reduction, separation and feeding, and metering equipment, such as lump breakers, hammer mills, fine grinders, air classifying mills, rotary sifters, air classifiers, rotary airlock valve feeders, and more. 

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