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Applications for Ground Walnut Shells

Posted on 1/18/23 3:37 PM

Ground walnut shells have been used for centuries for things such as polishing wood and making ...

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Glass Recycling: Glass Cullet Production Equipment

Posted on 1/5/23 3:09 AM

Making glass requires a lot of energy, water, and raw materials like sand (silica), limestone, soda ...

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Processing Coal and Petroleum Coke

Posted on 12/1/22 11:40 AM

The process of extracting a base metal from an ore, known as smelting, is an energy-intensive ...

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Turning Wood Scrap Into Wood Fibers

Posted on 9/13/22 11:21 AM

Every year, the world generates 16 million tons of wood scrap. Though most of this scrap wood can ...

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The Benefits of Extruding Soy

Posted on 8/3/22 1:55 PM

The domestication of soybeans can be traced back thousands of years to China in the 11th century ...

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Breaking Down E-Waste for Precious Metal Extraction

Posted on 6/30/22 12:27 PM

Discarded electronics that reach the end of their lifecycles and are no longer functioning are ...

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How to Get Flour Finer with a Rotormill

Posted on 4/8/22 2:45 PM

Flour is generally made from wheat kernels, which have three basic components. These include the ...

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What is an Attrition Mill?

Posted on 2/17/22 9:04 AM

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Molienda y procesamiento de granos de destilación para piensos

Publicado el 15/22 11:15

El grano de destilería -un coproducto obtenido mediante el proceso de destilación- se ha utilizado para la alimentación animal ...

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